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The Yellow Scale - Franz Kupka

I’ve reblogged this before. You’ve no idea what the yellow in this painting does to me every time i look at it. The pink and green on the face and just everything about it. 

I miss painting. I need to paint. Soon!

Brion Nuda Rosch


Spooky boy. I also like this one he is all like: tooooys \@-@/

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“I thought Michael [Fassbender] was American because he stayed in the accent the whole time and his accent was absolutely spot on. So it wasn’t until about five years later, I was on my motorbike- no, my Vespa at the time. Yeah, no, I was like…I ride a motorbike now, I’m much cooler… but back then it was like a little *vrprprprprp*. And I was riding along the road and I just heard ‘JAMES! JAMES! MCAVOY! MCAVOY!’ And I was like oh, bloody hell, and I stopped at the light and this other Vespa kind of went *vrprprprp* and he went ‘IT’S ME! IT’S MICHAEL!’ And I went ‘What? I can’t-’ cuz the visor and the helmet stops me from seeing anything. ‘IT’S FASSBENDER!’ And I was totally totally dumbstruck, I thought this man is a classically, brilliant actor. I was certain he was from North America.” [x]

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reminds me of those longo drawings? idk.

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Brilliant package design by Pedrita, alongside Água de Luso. 

“The bottle’s 17 faces – five square and 12 identical hexagonal faces – allow for an endless number of bottles to be regularly grouped together in several configurations that suppress empty space between them. Each of these three-dimensional space-filling modules significantly optimizes the processes of storage and transportation, reduces the amount of material used in the bottle and creates a greater impact in the final product’s display.”

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Lucian Freud - ‘Girl in Attic Doorway’ (1995)

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Michael Borremans - ‘Fixture’ (2008) Oil on Canvas, 40 x 50 cm.

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Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, “Brent” 2008, charcoal and acrylic, 39 x 31

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dune travel posters

dr faustas au